Review: Porter-Cable 7424XP 6-inch Variable-Speed Polisher

Are you planning to purchase a new polisher to change that old style and unreliable polisher of yours? Why not consider the Porter Cable 7424 XP-6 inch variable speed polisher? It is one of the best polishers available today. Read to know more about this product.

Essential Features of Porter Cable 7424 XP-6 inch Variable Speed Polisher

  • Variable speed dial of 2,500 up to 6,800 OPM
  • Swirl free sanding, random orbit and polishing action
  • It comes with proprietary counter balance for utilization with six inch polishing and sanding pad.
  • It accommodates 5/16 to 24 spindle thread.
  • 2 position removable side handle for utmost control

Porter-Cable 7424XP-6 inch Variable Speed PolisherThe portable cable 7424XP is the substitute for the older 7424 unit is more powerful, so it could get greater levels of swirl, scratch as well as defect removal. Weighing six pounds, measures 11.5 inches and comes with a brand new 4.5 amp motor that provides better overall performance and a smoother operation than the past model. It also comes with counterweight that makes the oscillating progress pre-installed, a wrench for getting rid of backing plate as well as side handle for improved grip as well as user control.

Unlike other polishing devices, the Porter-Cable 7424 XP doesn’t have load speed, so it will right away start operating at the chosen speed that is somewhere from 2500-6800 oscillation for every minute. The speed is chosen through an electronic variable speed dial which is situated on the peak of unit for fast access.

The Takes pad of this machine has a diameter of 6 inches, but the thread but also accepts smaller size backing templates to be utilized with spots pad for polishing tighter and discomfited to reach parts. Click here for more information about buffing pads.


Porter Cable 7424XP-6 inch Variable Speed PolisherThis polisher is very comfortable to hold due to its redesigned body. Due to its new improvement, it is considered as one of the user-friendly and safest polishers available and is perfect for novices who want to be capable of polishing their auto properly and for experts because it is a remarkable machine to have when a rotary polisher isn’t needed.

Additional Pros

  • No load speed or variable speed
  • Random orbit and swirl sanding polishing action
  • Heat overloads security (this will not burn paint)
  • This accepts 5/15 to 24 spindle thread.


Despite the many benefits that the product offers, it also comes with some drawbacks like:

  • Not ideal for complex and heavy duty task
  • May need extra pads
  • Loud and vibrates


Now, you know the reason why the state of the art Porter Cable 7424 XP-6 inch Variable Speed Polisher is very popular among beginners and experts. It has all the features you want in a polisher and with its new design, you will have a remarkable polishing experience. For novices like you, this is the most excellent polisher you could avail for a great price.

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