Review: PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum

PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum is considered as one of the best and latest ash vacuum cleaners that everyone must have. This tool was made in China and introduced by Richpower Industries. PowerSmith PAVC101 is a competitively priced and extremely hardwearing yet super light and easy to utilize cleaner.

This product is intended to clear up wood burning stoves, grills and barbecues and get rid of the ash and cinders that are left after combustion. Weighing just about 9 pounds, this is light enough to be utilized on a daily basis.

PowerSmith PAAC302 Ash Vacuum Cleaning KitProduct Features

  • Made to Clean cool and warm ash out of wood stoves, fireplaces and BBQ grills
  • Replaceable and washable fire resistant filter system
  • Heat resistant metal canister and metal hose
  • Powerful and quiet 10 amp motor
  • 16 foot wire
  • Metal nozzle, metal hose, wheeled base, two straight extension wands as well as brush nozzle and 1 filter


PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum CleanerPowerSmith PAV101 Ash vacuum has a 1200 wattage/10 amp-motor. It is powerful and robust enough for big and complicated tasks. It is also light, so you can transfer it faster for quick, instant as well as localized cleaning emergencies.

The body and the hose of this unit are coated with metal, so it can easily deal with residual heat in the cinder with no fear of harming the unit or the risk of fire after you are done cleaning.

The vacuum is on caster and you can access most units utilizing an indoor socket. Having a 10 amp motor, it is powerful enough to get rid of all the dust and ashes after using the stove without residue escaping into the air. It can also be used all over your house like your workshop and garage and is specifically useful in remote areas. It comes with 16 feet power cable, which is a valuable item if you are far from the power plug.

It has a three galloon-metal drum, so you can clean the biggest appliance without the need of emptying it. This product also has a complete indicator that is valuable in daily operation. It is armed with a washable integral 2 layer HEPA filter which is fire resistant and atmosphere friendly and makes sure that the atmosphere isn’t contaminated with any ash from the fire being spread into the air. You can also get replacement filter in any time easily.



PowerSmith ash vacuum is extremely reasonably priced and comes with a two-year limited warranty, but because of its superior and sturdy construction and design, using the product is safe and easy. It is also very durable, so it will last for a long time.

This can be utilized as a typical vacuum. It is equipped with 2 extension nozzles, crevice cleaner and carpet cleaning. All of which are kept in the body of the unit, so you can get them easily. At only 9 pounds and with a very powerful motor that has a relatively quiet 79 dB noise level and with the supplied attachment and accessories, the PowerSmith PACV101 ash vacuum is the solution to all your cleaning needs. You can also use this unit as a blower whenever you want, but you must empty and clean it first.


It only has medium suction power.


With remarkable and essential features, PowerSmith PAVC101 is indeed an extraordinary home appliance that every homeowner must have. It is very powerful, durable as well as reasonably priced. It helps make you every day cleaning job easier and faster.

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